About Us

What is Clique as a concept?  Clique was an idea that came about to fill a consumer need.  With over 25 years of experience as a tour provider in Greece, we’re always monitoring the pulse of the market and perpetually creating new experiences. 

Our recent feedback from our clients worldwide showed that there is a need for smaller group tours. They didn’t want to tour with 50 people on a large coach and get lost in the shuffle however they still wanted to share. Voila!  Clique was created. Giving you, the traveler, the intimacy of a private tour without compromising on luxury, fusing the price of a group tour and value of a private tour. 

More importantly we wanted to make this easy for you to book.  Using all of our ingenuity we built an online platform that’s easy to read and navigate where joining a tour is just a ‘clique’ away…

Once you’ve ‘Clique’d’ all you have to do is get here where our local team awaits you.  They are a welcoming group of travel accredited individuals, each a specialist, be it a driver or a licensed guide, anxious to share the Greece they know and love.

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