What will I see?

“From Apollo to St Paul it’s where the Seas, culture, and history meet”

The road to Corinth and Cenchreae can be either a quest to venture into the laurels of history or a religious pilgrimage to follow the footsteps of St. Paul which inspired many of his most familiar letters. Regardless the journey begins in Athens from where Paul left for Ephesus but rather on cobbled stones and dirt paths, on modern roads and highways.

The first stop is at the Isthmus of Corinth where one can witness the manmade schism that forms the Canal. This severance which converted the Peloponnese from a peninsula into an island may be a recent achievement, but was a dream and struggle of Tyrants like Periander 7th century BC, Roman Emperors like Julius Caesar, Tiberius, and Nero who wanted to avoid the treacherous waters around Cape Matapan and Malea. Nero famously ordered that the captured army from the Jewish Wars “hit it with spades.” Upon Nero’s death the plan open the chasm that would connect the Aegean and Ionian Seas was abandoned and ships wanting to cross the Isthmus had to be dragged over a land bridge that spanned over six kilometers. It wasn’t considered again till after Greece regained its independence from the Ottoman Empire and was finally completed in 1893. Due to the opening being narrow for modern cargo ships, it has been relegated to allowing only smaller vessels.

Upon arriving at the Ancient City of Corinth which lies inland at the foot of Mount Acrocorith you will see remnants of the city’s ‘Long Wall’ which encompassed the city starting from the summit of the mountain and ended at the port of Lechaio.

A walk through the ancient city is a walk through millennia of history. From the Ancient Temple of Apollo dating back to the 6th century BC with seven of its thirty-eight columns that still stand proud today, to the Roman Agora, Theater and Odeon from the 1st century AD.

On the grounds of the forum you can find the Bema where St. Paul preached to the Corinthians. Continue with a visit to the Museum as well as a stop at the small port of Lechaio where Paul disembarked before returning to Athens.
Maximum participants: 6 If you are interested in a tour for more people please contact us
How long is the tour? +/- 4 hours
How active do I need to be? Moderate, involves a considerable amount of walking
Things you should know Wear flat, comfortable walking shoes & plenty of sunscreen. Carry a cold bottle of water with you on hot days.
What are the highlights?
Corinth Canal
Temple of Apollo
Roman Odeon
What’s included? A/C Minivan & driver Licensed English speaking guide Entrance fees to the site and museum Taxes
What’s not included? Gratuities Personal expenses Anything not mentioned above Gratuities for your guide and driver are for a job well done and are left at your discretion and are optional and not mandatory
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1 580 € 700 €
2 310 € 370 €
3 223 € 263 €
4 178 € 208 €
5 152 € 176 €
6 134 € 154 €

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